2022 TopTech Competition Winners

First Place – Professional Technician

Jonathan Cecil, Transwest

Second Place – Professional Technician

Lucas Grincevicius,  Jeco

Third Place – Professional Technician

James Robinson, Jeco

First Place – Student Technician

Trenton Davis, Lincoln Tech

Second Place – Student Technician

Blake Miller, Lincoln Tech

Third Place – Student Technician

Daniel Gandarilla, Future Forward School/Jeco

Station High Scores

Professional Technicians:

Brakes – Nick Strohl, Jeco
CSA – James Robinson, Jeco
Electrical – Jonathan Cecil, Transwest
Fasteners – James Robinson, Jeco
Precision Measuring – Jonathan Cecil, Transwest
Preventative Maintenance Inspection – Bret Brown, Partners in Trucking
Tires – David Benson, MHC Kenworth
Wheel End – Josh Flood, Jeco
Written Test – Jonathan Cecil, Transwest

Student Technicians:

Brakes – Blake Miller, Lincoln Tech
CSA – Trenton Davis, Lincoln Tech
Electrical – Trenton Davis, Lincoln Tech
Fasteners – Blake Miller, Lincoln Tech
Precision Measuring – Trenton Davis, Lincoln Tech
Preventative Maintenance Inspection – Lizbeth Cardona, Lincoln Tech
Tires – Daniel Gandarilla, Future Forward School/Jeco
Wheel End – Trenton Davis, Lincoln Tech
Written Test – Blake Miller, Lincoln Tech

Highlights from the Competition

Brake Station

Electrical Station

Tire Station

Thanks to all the technicians that participated.

Thank you to the station chairs:

Mark Basiel-Imperial Supplies, Kevin Brooks-MHC Kenworth/CTS, Ryan Byers-Front Range Compliance, Tommy Carrazco -Tri-State G&T, Bill Harden-MHC Kenworth, Brandon Ishida-Redburn Tire, Bob Lieg – Distinguished Member of Maintenance/Ret., Heather Mabbitt – Lincoln Tech, Ron Poirier – Lincoln Tech, Lonnie Schneider – Redburn Tire Comp., Quarta Watkins – Axis Energy Services