2023 TopTech Competition Winners

The Maintenance Council hosted the 10th Annual TopTech Competition Saturday, April 22,2023. Thank you, Lincoln Tech, for hosting the competition and a big shout out to all of those who volunteered to judge for the day…Thank you!

First Place – Professional Technician

Lukas Grincevicius – Jeco

Second Place – Professional Technician

Jonathan Cecil – Transwest

Third Place – Professional Technician

Chris Dewick – Travel Centers of America

First Place – Student Technician

Dawson Sperr – NDSCS

Second Place – Student Technician

Hunter Edwards – NDSCS

Third Place – Student Technician

Kase Collins – NDSCS

Station High Scores

Professional Technicians:

Brakes – Tanner Ford – Adams County
Electrical – Lukas Grincevicius – Jeco
Fasteners – Jonathan Cecil – Transwest
Precision Measuring – Jonathan Cecil, Transwest
Preventative Maintenance Inspection – Alexis Juardo – MHC Kenworth

Recommended Practices– Matthew Katz – MHC Kenworth

Steering and Suspension– Matt Brown – Jeco
Tires and Wheels – Brian Schurr – Jeco
Wheel End – Josh Brooks – Transwest
Written Test – Jonathan Cecil, Transwest

Student Technicians:

Brakes – Dawson Sperr – NDSCS
Electrical – Dawson Sperr – NDSCS
Fasteners – Dawson Sperr – NDSCS
Precision Measuring – Clayton Marohl – NDSCS
Preventative Maintenance Inspection –Hunter Edwards – NDSCS

Recommended Practices–Kase Collins – NDSCS

Steering and Suspension– Dawson Sperr – NDSCS
Tires and Wheels – Kase Collins – NDSCS
Wheel End – Hunter Edwards – NDSCS
Written Test – Dawson Sperr – NDSCS

Thanks to all the technicians that participated.