Tires & Traction

Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone is a world leader in developing innovative tire technologies. Their continuing investment in research and development has resulted in game-changing new products, like winter tires with more bite and better grip, fuel-efficient tires with that enhance fuel economy and safety innovations like our next-generation run-flat tires. As a CMCA Member, you are eligible to receive national fleet pricing on all your tires. Contact David Billings at (509) 833-4474 or email with any questions.

Michelin Tires

Michelin continues to define the tire industry, from innovative truck tires to quality control to research and development.  As a CMCA member you are eligible to purchase Michelin and BFGoodrich tires at discounted prices, as well as, utilize our services and programs to maximize uptime.  This program saved CMCA members over half a million dollars in 2016.

mich10b Michelin_X-One

Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tire focuses on longevity, efficiency, availability and dependability in everything they do. Yokohama offers one of the longest-lasting tire lineups, engineered for maximum fuel savings and built with advanced casing technology for increased durability and retreadability.  As a CMCA Member, you are eligible to receive special discounts on our premium commercial truck tires.

For details please contact Mark Breon at 815-762-0186 or  with any questions.


Traction Devices

CMCA Members receive special discounted pricing on the Autosock product.  Save money on each set purchased from Autosock distributors or McGee Company.  Volume discounts available as well.

Autosock is approved as an alternative traction device to tire chains across the USA.


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