Join with Colorado’s Trucking Industry to Keep Our Roads Safe as We Travel Together this Summer

Join with Colorado’s Trucking Industry to Keep Our Roads Safe as We Travel Together this Summer

As you’re driving to a pool party or barbeque with friends and family, you will likely drive alongside one of America’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers this summer. America’s truck drivers are on the roadways across America, traveling over 4.5 billion collective miles a year to deliver the essential goods that our communities here in Colorado and nationwide rely on.


While it may not always be top of mind for consumers, most everything we eat, wear, or use is brought to us by a truck. You may be surprised to learn that 79.4% of our state’s communities rely solely on trucking for the delivery of their goods. Without trucking, the everyday goods our families, businesses, schools and hospitals rely on would not be available in our Colorado communities. Trucking is also a strong contributor to our local economy, with 42,710 of trucking companies in Colorado providing over 130,720 jobs in our communities. In total, the industry contributes over $700 billion in revenue a year in the U.S.


The essentiality of trucking is why Colorado truck drivers are especially proud to be part of this great American industry. From hauling the goods that keep our store shelves stocked, to the fuel that keeps our gas stations well supplied, truck drivers take great pride in knowing that they are delivering goods that keep our country and economy moving forward. That is why the safe and on-time delivery of the goods they haul is so important to our industry’s drivers.


For truck drivers, there is no greater personal responsibility when making their delivery than safety when behind the wheel – to keep themselves and other motorists safe as they deliver America’s goods. But safety is more than just a driver’s personal responsibility; it’s also prioritized throughout the industry. From companies providing the most up to date safety training programs that focus on best practices and techniques for their drivers, to the industry investing billions in the latest safety technology for trucks, America’s trucking industry is fully dedicated to road safety for all drivers.


While driving next to a large truck can be intimidating for some drivers, you can rest assured knowing that the truck driver next to you is a well-trained professional. Truck drivers take great pride in their safety records. In fact, there are many drivers who have accumulated millions of safe driving miles while making their deliveries. The industry and its companies celebrate the accomplishments of these drivers through many industry championship events and award programs.


In Colorado, we encourage you to check out the Mountain Rules campaign, a partnership with CMCA, the Colorado State Patrol, and CDOT here.


Nationwide, the trucking industry as a whole also helps to give back by educating motorists on trucking’s safe driving tips by hosting safe driving programs. For example, during busy travel seasons, many company and association sponsored programs, such as ATA’s Share the Road, which has some of the industry’s safest drivers, gives the motoring public safe driving tips to make the roads safer for all drivers.


Some of the safety tips for motorists include: remain calm and always operate at safe speeds and distances. Traffic, especially during the busy summer travel season, can be frustrating, but we all want to get home to our family safety once we’ve completed our travel journey. By driving the posted speed limit and following road signs, we can all ensure that happens. When passing a truck, drivers should signal and provide enough room ahead of the truck. Trucks have a much shorter stopping distance, so it’s important that after passing a truck, you keep going and don’t stop short. If you visualize a football field, that’s the length it takes a fully loaded tractor trailer to stop.


As we travel the roads together this summer, we hope you will keep these tips top of mind and join with the Colorado trucking industry to help keep our roads safe for all drivers this summer.