Mountain Rules

“The Mountain Rules” Safety Video

The Mountain Rules is a safety effort to inform and educate in-state and inter-state trucking companies and drivers on the challenges of traveling in Colorado’s mountains. This first video from the campaign provides an overview of the challenges truckers may experience along the I-70 Mountain Corridor.

The Mountain Rules is a campaign from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in partnership with the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA).

Many thanks to Colorado driver and America’s Road Team Captain Nate McCarty from ABF Freight for narrating the video.

A Truckers Guide to Navigating the Colorado Rockies

This CD is designed to improve mountain driving for drivers by “talking” them through the grades, curves and traffic from Denver to Vail and back again. The CD also includes a bit of Colorado history as well as general safety and courtesy trips on such topics as brakes and noise reduction.

Bill Fries, aka C.W. McCall graciously recorded this for us and also provided music by Mannheim Steamroller.

The CMCA website contains the complete audio files from the CD. Simply select the audio player(s) under the I-70 Eastbound or I-70 Westbound titles below.

Introduction – Westbound

Mile Marker 270
TA Truckstop at mp 266
First view of the Rockies
Genesse – Vernon Canyon
Where the Buffalo roam, mp 254
Golden, Lookout Mountain

Mile Marker 249
Floyd Hill
Clear Creek Canyon
grades and lane changes

Mile Marker 241
Idaho Springs
SR 103 to Mt Evans
Dumont POE
Listen on 5030 AM, 102.7 FM

Mile Marker 236
Dumont POE

Mile Marker 232
Junction, U.S. 40
US 40 at Empire
Georgetown, 6-7% upgrades
mp 222 – chain up area
Silver Plume, mp 226

Mile Marker 221
Eisenhower Tunnel
1.7 miles long, highest tunnel
Then 6-7% downgrade
mp 212 – Runaway Ramp
mp 208 – Runaway Ramp

Mile Marker 206
Dillion & Silverthorne
Heart of Ski Country
Frisco Overlook
Frisco and Copper Mountain
mp 196 – chain up area

Mile Marker 193
Vail Pass
mp 183 – Runaway Ramp
6-7% downgrade
mp 182, end of grade

Mile Marker 180
End of Vail Pass

Introduction – Eastbound

Mile Marker 189
Vail Pass
Wide spot to check brakes
Long downgrade
Officers Gulch

Mile Marker 210
Eisenhower Tunnel
Parking on right side
Over height detectors
Hazardous Materials Load warning

Mile Marker 224
Silver Plume
Steep Grade, 5-6%

Mile Marker 230
Dumont Port of Entry
Idaho Springs

Mile Marker 242
Floyd Hill
Hidden Valley
mp 244 junction of US 6
2 mile uphill to top of Floyd Hill

Mile Marker 252
Truck Runaway Ramp
Mt. Vernon Canyon
mp 254, drops over 6-7% grade
mp 256.8 – Runaway Ramp
Dead Man’s Curve